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Pushing myself to the brink of sanity
In a realm where I will lose myself and all I know
For my own self greed and vanity
I'm just so tired of starting again when I have tried so hard
To reach out to serenity

Keep feeding reasons down my throat
Of why I'll live my life alone
I tell the world that I am happy and content
Staring faceless in the crowd
I look up to the sky when all I want to do is drown

Desolation is my only friend
The one who stood by through all my pain and my suf-fer-ing
Born to rot, and waiting to die

What's the point in living
When every step
Just leads me to death?

I will not end here
I'll wait another day
To a moment where life makes sense
The sun will shine its rays
And maybe this plague will cleanse
My happiness will stay

Please, help me find my way
Please, make everything okay
My lies lead me astray
So I need a guide to light my way

From the mess I made
From the people who made my life concave
From this mind that destroys me day by day
Just let me drown and drift away
Awaken anew without these scars
Forgetting the man who I once was
I resurface to the sea from my death
I am ma-le-vo-lant

(Desperation, Desolation)

I've tried so hard
To exorcise the demons in my heart
Torn between a soul
That wants to be selfless and kind
And watch

Everything die
Leave me with my pain
I'm just a burden of sorrow
I do not wish to remain
To see the first light of tomorrow
I'll bleed my life away
My demons are here to stay


from Solitude, released November 1, 2015
Guest vocals by Phoone Lambeth from Failure of Faith



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Hollow Heart Sydney, Australia

Sydney Melodic Hardcore band, Hollow Heart. Here, you can find all our releases, from singles to future EP's and albums.

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